About the project

It is a unique collection of stories and tales of the old Prague, through which you could learn something from our history and maybe even our future.

These stories are very impressive, emotionally strong, sometimes are even scary, and all of them have a moral reference. They come to life thanks to a remarkable combination of several animation techniques – a silhouette animation, which resembles a shadow play, a classical drawing animation and realistic elements. This creates a totally unique and artistically exceptional project, which pays homage to the legacy of Karel Zeman and other original Czech artists.

We’ve been inspired by a website www.kickstarter.com, which helps with the financing of new projects. By sending money you will become a sponsor and as an expression of our gratitude you will get from us a DVD, containing the first series of The Old Prague Legends.

The DVD with the first eight episodes was released on 20th November, 2013 and was introduced to public at a gala premiere in Aero Cinema, Prague on 21st November, 2013. The patron of the DVD is a famous Czech artist Jan Saudek.

The Old Prague Legends are quite popular abroad as well, that’s why we made an English version of all episodes, and also a Russian and Polish translation and we’re planning a Korean and German translation, too.